U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres Delivers Floor Remarks in Support of Iranian Protesters 

Jan 25, 2023
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Ritchie Torres (NY-15) moments ago delivered the following remarks on the House floor to demonstrate his support for H.Con. Res.7 – Commending the bravery, courage, and resolve of the women and men of Iran demonstrating in more than 133 cities and risking their safety to speak out against the Iranian regime’s human rights abuses: 

“Iran is the leading aggressor in the Middle East, the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world, and a longstanding oppressor of its own people.

The Iranian regime, which has repressed too many for far too long, has been shaken to the core by a revolution led by powerful women. 

The women in Iran, who are risking their lives in confronting a monstrous and murderous regime, are among the most courageous freedom fighters in the world.

The United States must stand with our Iranian sisters in their fearless fight for freedom. 

On September 13th, 2021, Mahsa Amini was brutally beaten to death by the Iranian morality police merely for not wearing a head covering. 

Out of the tragedy of Mahsa’s murder came a spontaneous groundswell of thousands of Iranian women demonstrating for freedom, some removing their scarfs and cutting their hair as a poignant form of protest. 

The revolution there reminds us that the future of Iran does not belong to a regime whose malevolence and obsolescence have been exposed for the world to see.

Iran’s future belongs to its people led by its fearless, formidable female freedom fighters. The vision of

a free and Democratic Iran is an unrealized dream whose time has come.”


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