U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres Introduces Federal Legislation Requiring Mandatory Disclaimer for Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Jun 05, 2023

Today, U.S. Representative Ritchie Torres (NY-15) announced he has filed new legislation requiring all content generated by artificial intelligence technology to be accompanied by a mandatory disclaimer.

“Artificial intelligence is the most revolutionary technology of our time. It has the potential to be a weapon of mass disinformation, dislocation, and destruction,” said Rep. Torres. “Carefully crafting a regulatory framework for managing the existential risks of AI will be one of the central challenges confronting Congress in the years and decades to come. There is danger in both under-regulating and over-regulating. The simplest place to start is disclosure. All generative AI should be required to disclose itself as AI. Disclosure is by no means a magic bullet, but it’s a common-sense starting point to what will surely be a long road toward federal regulation.”

Under the “AI Disclosure Act of 2023”, all material generated by artificial intelligence technology would have to include the following – “DISCLAIMER: this output has been generated by artificial intelligence”.

It would apply to videos, photos, text, audio, and/or any other AI generated material. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would be responsible for enforcement of violations, which could result in civil penalties.


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