My Position on Health

Protecting Medicare is one of my highest priorities in Congress. Medicare serves our seniors and most vulnerable Americans, and Republicans have tried to gut this essential lifeline for decades. We need to empower Medicare to negotiate drug prices, which will help make essential prescription drugs affordable to all Americans. 

I’m in favor of implementing a universal healthcare program, such as Medicare for All. This plan would not only expand Medicaid to all Americans, but it would also enhance Medicare coverage by adding dental, vision, prescription drugs, women’s reproductive health services, maternity and newborn care, long term services and more. 

Proper health care shouldn’t just be limited to physical health. Throughout my life, I have struggled with my own mental health – and without proper treatment, I wouldn’t be alive today. I want for my constituents, and for every American, the same access to mental health treatment that transformed my life and sent me on a trajectory from dropping out of college at my lowest point to the United States Congress today. I’m advocating tirelessly for any measure that will guarantee mental health care access to anyone who needs it.

Health Updates

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