My Position on Poverty

In the world’s wealthiest nation, poverty is a policy choice – not an inevitability. The continued public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have laid bare the systemic inequities stemming from decades of racism, poverty, and economic inequality. Congress needs to commit to enacting policies that prioritize the needs of the 140 million people in the United States who are poor, low-income, or one emergency away from economic ruin. With the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever that Congress supports and uplifts our most vulnerable populations – children and their families.

The crisis of child poverty strikes close to home for me. I am committed to reforming and expanding the Child Tax Credit, which would slash child poverty in half. The National Academies of Sciences panel on child poverty found an enhanced Child Tax Credit to be the single most effective tool for reducing child poverty in America. In the South Bronx, 68 percent of children are deprived of the full benefit because their parents earn too little. We owe it to children and parents to make the Child Tax Credit work for them.

I’m fighting every day to pass legislation that ensures the enhanced and expanded Child Tax Credit is made permanent. 98 percent of children in the South Bronx will benefit from the expanded Child Tax Credit. This critical investment in our children will improve educational and economic outcomes for future generations and break the cycle of racially concentrated poverty.

In Congress, I am committed to ensuring that health, housing, schools, and jobs are viewed as fundamental rights for everyone. By radically distributing resources and reinvesting in social services, we can build a social safety net that will guarantee a better tomorrow for everyone

Poverty Updates

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